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Providing Personal Fitness Training for the Inner West area of Sydney - We want to help you to make your weight loss and fitness goals become a reality!

Hiring a Personal Trainer is a MUST if you want to get fitter and stronger (& of course lose weight!) but are not sure where to start or how to achieve your goals.

If you join a gym you usually get a written a programme which you are then left to do on your own. A few things can happen.....we are naturally entusiastic for the first few sessions, then boredom sets in, we can never be bothered to finish the programme, we never push ourselves to do those extra uncomfortable reps and our fitness goals take longer to achieve.

We may leave some exercises out or don't push ourselves hard on certain exercises, which can lead to muscle imbalances. We may not be executing the correct form, which could lead to injury.

We also tend to Plateau with our cardiovascular fitness as we don't know how to increase our intensity and alot of the time we don't want to as it feels too uncomfortable....sound familiar?

Having a PT eliminates all of the above, because we watch you throughout, carefully push you through those extra reps or intensity. Carefully monitor your technique, get to know your posture, body type and any muscular imbalances you may have (which we can correct).  We gradually increase each session's intensity so YOU are ALWAYS getting the maximum out or your personal training.

The session is never boring because we keep you on your toes so you and your muscles never know what to expect, which leads to better results for YOU. 

So why wouldn't you hire a PT?

All sessions are tailored to YOUR individual needs.



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